Obviously, if you haven't heard, there are more viruses going around. Monkeypox, for example, is going around many countries, and is a cousin virus to smallpox. Smallpox had been eradicated in the world circa 1980, and the vaccine has been preserved in stockpiles for many years in case of another outbreak. Considering that monkeypox is a sister virus to smallpox, and the vaccine for that virus is proven to protect against monkeypox, I do not know why they are not making efforts to make enough vaccine for people to survive this outbreak.


Yup, you heard me right. It isn't the 1950s, although honestly, it's starting to feel like it, but I'm getting to that in another page. Polio had been recently found in a New York sewer.
Honestly, this only affects people who were not vaccinated against it, but there still exists polio vaccine as part of early childhood vaccines. This means that this affects the children of those who don't exactly believe in vaccines.

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